Design your business for perpetual success.

Based on the award-winning Sunday Times Bestselling book, Powered By Change is a collection of the most cutting-edge methodologies used by the fastest-growing companies on earth.

Here you will find a free course that details what it is to be Powered By Change, with dozens of practical tips and tricks you can apply to your business immediately. For those who are seriously committed to growing success, there's a webinar every month with the author where your specific questions and challenges can be addressed.

Access the free course

Discover the secret methodologies used by the fastest growing companies on earth, to design your business for perpetual success. "You have created a brilliant new world. It’s more than just a system." Richard Perry, Author and Business Coach

What's included?

The FREE Course goes deep into the tips and tricks used by the fastest growing companies on earth. Based on the Sunday Times Bestselling book 'Powered By Change', this course is presented by the author, Jonathan MacDonald. The topics covered include:

  • How to uncover your core purpose
  • How to retain the best talent
  • How to spot trends across all markets
  • How to innovate in powerful ways
  • How to structure teams for best performance
  • How to explore new areas for growth
  • How to build profitable processes
  • And SO much more

Book the live webinar

Get some face time with the author of Powered By Change in one of the monthly two-hour webinars. There are limited places available, so secure your ticket today.

What's included?

The webinar with Jonathan MacDonald is an exclusive chance to spend two hours addressing specific challenges you or your business is facing.

Once you have secured your ticket(s) you can send in the topics you would like to discuss.

On the webinar, you can also ask any questions directly. This is a great chance to access expertise and experience that would normally cost far more.

If you would prefer to book a webinar for your team, meaning there are no external people involved, you can either buy all 50 tickets or contact for alternative options/timing.

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